Clear ceramic braces

Traditional treatment with an aesthetic finish

If you want treatment with braces, but don’t want that treatment on display, clear ceramic braces could be a great option for you. These discreet braces work wonderfully for patients of all ages.

Clear ceramic braces

What are clear ceramic braces?

Clear ceramic braces work just like metal braces, except the brackets are made from a ceramic material that matches the colour of your teeth. Because of this, clear braces blend in beautifully with your smile. They are also smaller and more comfortable than traditional brackets.

What are clear ceramic braces?

Who is a candidate for clear braces?

Clear braces can be used to treat even complex orthodontic issues. If you have crooked teeth, extra gaps in your smile, or an uneven bite, clear braces can be a wonderful option if you don’t want your braces to be so visible.

Benefits of clear braces

Here are some reasons that our patients choose clear braces for their treatment:

  • Discreet: Clear braces blend in nicely with the natural colour of your teeth
  • Stain-resistant: Your braces will retain their discretion all through treatment.
  • Comfortable: The brackets are small, smooth, and customised for a comfortable fit.
  • Efficient: Clear braces can treat even severe orthodontic issues.

The choice is clear!

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